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We’re working hard to make this website better than ever. Soon you will then find a new easy way for cleaning your spaces!
Until then we look forward for your needs in our contact box

  • Do we get the same crew on every service?
    Not necessarily, we have changed our operating procedure in the last few years. The recent pandemic taught us that we needed to build flexibility into our service, so our customers are never impacted. We learned this lesson the hard way. This came to light when we couldn’t service certain customers due to having to quarantine the crew due to one high temperature reading in that crew. Since then, we have changed our procedures and training methods so every team can service every customer the same exact way with no impact to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Why give my information?
    With your information, we can more precisely give you the value of the service you require, as well as the day and time of it.
  • What does a deep clean service include in a residential service?
    : In short, we do touch every square inch of the home. We will clean floors with our 4-step process, vacuum all carpeted areas, clean all counter space areas, bathrooms, kitchen, inside and outside of oven, microwave, refrigerator; as well as, windows & sills, blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, wipe down cabinet doors, wipe down door slabs, just to give you an idea of what our services include
  • How does GSP Clean handle rags and mop heads for each job?
    We have a regular sanitizing/disinfecting service where we get every rag and mop head washed and disinfected regularly so the ones used at your space are not from a previous job.
  • How to know the square feet of my space or home?
    For most people, the gross floor area or gross living area (GLA) of a home is what they’re thinking when they hear “square footage.” Here’s how to calculate your square footage: Sketch a floor plan of the home’s interior. Draw each floor separately, and don’t include unfinished areas, patios, porches and exterior staircases. Break down the house into measurable rectangles. The more rectangles the better. This takes the guesswork out of rooms or hallways that don’t have perfectly flush walls. Measure the length and width of each rectangle. Round your measurements off to the nearest 0.5 linear foot. Calculate the area of each section. Multiply the rectangle’s length by its width to get the area in square feet. Write this number down in the corresponding space on your sketch. Add up the total area. Sum up the square feet of each rectangle to measure the total square footage of the house. Round the total off to the nearest square foot.
  • What does GSP Clean recurring services include in a residential service?
    For our recurring customers, we start the first service with a deep clean service of the space, this usually takes longer than usual because our goal is to increase the level of cleanliness of the space as close to our acceptable standards. Then, our goal is to maintain that home at that level on a regular basis. As we get familiarized with the space we are going to fine tune our plan specifically for the space and its usage, to make sure we are addressing the areas that need it the most. If all areas need attention, we will tackle them all, our main goal is to increase the cleanliness and organization of the space with our services.
  • How does GSP Clean accept payments?
    We have a secured online payment portal on our website, and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and e-check payments. For one-time services, we accept payments through the payment tab on our website. Payments are due on service day. For recurring services, customers need to set up recurring payments to be drafted monthly through our secured online payment portal on our website. This works as a membership subscription where your account is charged every month. Payments are due the first service of every month. If you must change, or modify a specific month’s service, just let us know in advance and we will adjust our calendar accordingly. You will not lose an already paid for service.
  • Does GSP Clean bring all tools & equipment, or do I have to provide them?
    Yes, GSP clean provides everything needed to complete the job successfully. But; we are also flexible, if our customer requires us to use a particular piece of equipment of their preference, we can do that as well.
  • How does GSP Clean scheduling works?
    For both Residential & Commercial services, we manage our calendar by slots. Then we find an available slot that works for our customer and assigned it. Service days will be the same day of the week with the same time window, this keeps it easier to maintain on both ends.
  • Does GSP Clean charge a last-minute cancellation fee?
    If we don’t receive advance notification prior to service day and we have no access to the job, we do have a small fee to cover the cost of assigning the team to that service, mobilizing the team and the time spent by the team to get there. 1 day advance notification is preferred to avoid cancellation fees.


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